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>>chris: another straight day of debt talks putting fact over fear. welcome, everyone, here for neil cavuto. leaders are meeting as we speak with the president at the white house. the budget deficit is on track to break the a trillion mark for a third year and if a deal is not reached the president is saying social security checks may not go out. why would that be? check this out? the federal government takes in more than $200 billion a month. since august $200 billion taken in. that is more than enough to cover the $49 billion it costs for social security, the $50 billion needed for carry care and medicaid payments, and the $6 billion to pay our active duty military and veterans. so, is the president fearmongerring when he says
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checks may not go out? ron johnson says yes. senator johnson, bernanke confirmed the president's statement this morning. do you think it is a shame the american people do not know who to trust? >>guest: well, it is. i believe this administration is fearmongerring. responsible leadership would try to calm the markets, primarily by actually fixing the problem. that would be a good solution. but, you lock at social security and think what the president is telling you, for decades the democratic matter has been saying we will protect the social security, we have a trust fund that will pay all the benefits. well, why do they not drew from the trust fund? that is a fiction. they spent the money. it is again. so we are paying social security benefits out of general revenues. but, the bottom line here, if we don't increase the bet ceiling, it doesn't have to be a crisis,
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it will only be a crisis because it is a self-fulfilling period ofcy because this administration has been involved in scare mongering. >>chris: i look at this legislation being prepared call "the promises act," if we can pass this legislation we promise to may the debts, the debt service, and, also, military personnel in temperatures of prioritizing august 2nd and then we will move on from this. how can legislation like this that was proposed by congressman king and bachmann, how can that possibly pass in this type of environment? >>guest: well, the problem is we have had similar measures can i have cosponsored and they have gone nowhere. why would that be? why would the democrats refuse to cover social security, pay our soldiers? why? because they trying to create fear. the bottom line if we do not increase the debt ceiling we have to live in our means and according to the president's own
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budget, that is $2.6 trillion. and to put that in context, 10 years ago our entire federal budget was $1.8 trillion. so, $2.6 trillion, $800 billion more than we were spending just 10 years ago, it covers the interest on debt which is $256 billion, and it covers social security, which is $760 billion, and that leaves $1.6 trillion for all other essential spending, so it does not have to be a crisis if we plan for it, if we would not fearmonger, but it should not be a crisis if we actually work toward our solution which is where i devet my time and efforts. i am working with the house where we can pass legislation, and we are looking to pass something called "cut, cap and balance." that cuts next year's spending, real cuts. and it caps spending over the next 10 years and it reduces the rate of growth in spending and scans it and increases the debt ceiling.
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this is what the democrats want, but it only increases the debt ceiling if we pass a constitutional amendment, send that to the states for ratification, and constitutional system system to balance the budget. we are happy to let the american people decide if they want to put a fiscal discipline in washington, and i believe they do want to put that fiscal discipline here. >>chris: you put that to a vote it with not get out of the house and it would die on the floor of the senate? >>guest: we are optimistic we can pass the act out of the house of representatives and put pressure out there and then, it is all about passing the constitutional amendment and, i think, the first goal is that the house of representatives, question craft this piece of constitutional amendment, first of all that it works, it is ratified by the states and we can get blue dog democrats to support it. >>chris: can you raise the debt ceiling in three weeks time and work through all the hoops and ring the bells and whistles to get this legislation moved through at a later date?
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>>guest: the republicans are willing to do this. is, the whole point of passing the cup, cap and balance act, and let the american people put pressure on the democrats, to actually instill the fiscal discipline in washington, that is what will have to solve this problem long term. got to be a two step process. >>chris: you had congressman king essentially questioning speaker's leadership and whether heel be able to get something done, that will be to the republican's liking and you have mcconnell's plan under fire from members of your own party; there a fracturing in the republican party? >>guest: i'm devoting all my time and energy to actually working toward a solution and we are finding a glowing group of members of both the senate, 25 members of the senate have cosponsored the cut and cap and balance act in the senate, and we are, as senators want to go to the house and say we will stand with you when you officer that debt ceiling, contingent on
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passing a balanced budget amendment so i am trying to create a unified position something the residence are for that we can show the american people we are responsible, we want to fix the problem and we will let the american people decide on the constitutional amendment. sounds reasonabling doesn't it? >>chris: it does but i have heard a lot of reasonable proposals the last few weeks that other dozen not deem "reasonable." thank you, senator. nice to chat with you. senator johnson from wisconsin. debt talks breakdown and will big ben step up with the big cash? bernanke suggesting he is ready for pump more stimulus into the economy if needed and that had stocks soaring early in the day and the dow jones industrial average having trouble holding on to the gains finishing up just 45 points. the fox business network is keeping track of it all. we lost all the gains we had early in the day. >>guest: but investors will take what they can get because there we saw the sell off later if the session we did post gains
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and that snapped a three day losing streak for the stock market. so, the dow finishing up with a small gain and the s&p with a 4 point game and at 10:00 a.m., bernanke sat down before congress and in his testimony heed laid out the open door for a possible qe3, the government bond buying program which is looked at as stimulus for the markets and off to the races and the market, as you said, rallied 150 points early in the session, but, this is still a lot of concern about the debt crisis going on overseas and it was another downgrade for greece today joining moody's and s&p and lowering greece's debt rating to ccc, you are talking about a notch above default. you cannot get lower than that. all the concerns really weighed on the market later in the
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session after we saw the rally on bernanke's comments and what we did see was anything hard asset, the dollar fell on the comments of bernanke, and oil and gold shot higher and oil closed up nearly to $98 a barrel and gold was certainly used by investors as the safe haven asset today and gold finishing at a record high today, guys, so, again, everybody locking for someplace to put their money other than the u.s. dollar, and it was stocks, oil, and gold. and another thing aside from bernanke mentioning a possibility of another round of stimulus, he talked about holding benchmark interest rate near zero for what he says is an "extended period of time." so it was all about the possibility of qe3 that rallied stocks but a debt downgrade for greece that weighed on storages later in the session, but, again, snapping a three-days thering streak and actually posting gains in the stock
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market today. >>chris: quickly, the stock market they hate uncertainty but you talk about the fed yesterday and bernanke today there is a last uncertainty. will he do it? will he not? some governors want the interest rates raised and others want it down. it seems more uncertainty today than 48 hours ago. >>guest: many economists have heard bernanke retracting comments about inflation. we saw gas and oil prices skyrocketing and food prices he said that he didn't think inflation was a threat. and he sort of started to change the slang that causes uncertainty for investors in the stock market. >>chris: the language from the firm reserve chairman is very important. thank you. backing up against mcconnell's back up plan and the tea party telling him to show some spine and now the republican senator ready to take him on is next.
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>>john: and now a prominent medical journal suggests ripping severely obese kids from their paints' arm into protective custody claiming it is ethical thing to do. and john stossel is here. remember that movie "chitty chit any banking bang bang."
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>>john: this is a nanny state. you can fire the nanny but you cannot fire the government. this came from the new england journal of medicine. i used to revere these medical journals, and, then, ploy brother who sometimes writes for them said, most of what we publish turns out to be wrong and they have been captured by the ultra left, the journal of the american medical association fights for more gun control, the new england judge wants single payer health care and new they will take the overweight kids? the case you showed me, a 400 pound kid, his life was at risk, maybe in a few cases like that, you need to step in but, boy, it should be rare, because government doesn't do it well. >> the case, to be fair, though, the journal of american medical association in this case, it is a thought process from a doctor or a thought provoking case,
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maybe we should think about it and consider it, and that is what we are doing, and in that case the doctor said there are cases of child abuse where protective services come in and this could be a case of child abuse if you allow a kid to be 400 pounds, maybe the parents are abowsing that kid or at least in the providing enough care to say you should or should in the eat that, be careful, a child does not know better and if the pontiacs did not do anything that could be considered abuse. >> fair enough and this child almost died, and that is a sign of abuse. when government steps in, what did you do with the kid? they go into foster care. foster care--. >> a disaster. >>john: which government solution that is supposed to be great, there are lots of deaths and lots of people with did it for the money and lots of kid whose do worse than foster care.
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>>chris: we talk about americans need to be safed from themselves and the problem with that is, you assume that the members are shortsighted thing of this generation, and a lot of them with natural resources or with pollution that happens all the time and the assumption is the government knows better, the government knows the best solution when americans and i don't think that is right. >>john: we assume the people are smart, but not everyone will make the best decisions. but we supposed to be free individuals raising our own children and we should be caught doing something really threatening before government steps in and messes with that. >>chris: john, you are doing a series of can difficulties with ron paul and gary johnson, and herman cain. >>john: a full hour to grill them. a full hour. >>chris: and hermann skein --
4:17 pm
herman cain is tomorrow. >>john: we will have him debate a pretend obama and we asked him to make a pizza but he declined. >>chris: a shame. these are the solutions to the debt crisis, the democrat with the plan to legalize and tax them all, next.
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>>chris: as the president and republicans spar over tax hikes a lawmaker says there are three things that could provide the solution but it is controversial. democratic congressman from colorado joins us. congressman, your plan involves marijuana, gambling and immigration. i'm intrigued. and how will marijuana solve our
4:21 pm
crisis? >>guest: we all know we need spending cuts. it is harder to find common ground for increases, and 15 states including colorado have a regulatory environment allowing marijuana sales, medical marijuana but that is 100 percent taxed at the federal level. it is actually confiscated. so we are saying, reduce the marijuana tax and bring it in line with other sin taxes including alcohol or tobacco, and the estimates are that this bill would raise $30 billion over 10 years and it will raise more, and it does not make marijuana legal in any jurisdiction. i point that out. it is still illegal in 35 states. >>chris: how long has the medical marijuana been legal in colorado and those against it would say it brings in revenue from the tax but this are longer term health issues where, for set, it is a negative.
4:22 pm
what have you seen? >>guest: there is no evidence having it legal and regulated increases recreational usage. the use average is a problem regardless of whether it is legal or in the. part of the problem with our current regime if many states where it is illegal it is still accessible. having a regulatory structure around it like colorado, keeps it out of the hands of kids and the money instead of being made by the drug dealer is made by legitimate business men and women who pay taxes. >>chris: and on immigration, how do you work receipts through that? >>guest: we are talking about expanding tax revenue all of these items is expanding the base, or expanding the number of people. we have 15 million here illegally. did they pay taxes? a little bit. some. in the all. they pay sales tax. we we don't. there are different estimates from advocacy groups. but i am saying here, these are
4:23 pm
revenue raisers getting people in the system. if you are illegally you have to pay a fine $2,000 or $3,000, pay a fine, register, pay the back taxes, and with the provisional work permit you pay taxes going forward so we expand the tax base and make sure that the people here illegally are paying thai fair share and not dragged along. >>chris: and an average -- an amnesty program for tax offer fenders? >>guest: people who have not paid taxes in the past, and something you can do once every generation. many states is done there and it says, look, you did not pay taxes four or five years ago and we want you to come forward, announce the violation, pay all the taxes going forward and we did not pursue it. it is a proven revenue at the state level, colorado difficulty, and california has done it, and at the federal level this is a big money
4:24 pm
raising exercise. >>chris: i like the ideas, i like without are going, but my issue, how big of a dent it makes when you talk about the harvard study of legally marijuana and the immigration reform, from $5 billion to $12 billion, does it make a big enough dent? you have to tackle entitlements, it comes counsel do that. >>guest: absolutely and we talk $4 trillion or $2 trillion, those are ten year figures so you say $2.5 trillion a year on the tax on marijuana that is $25 trillion, but, absolutely, it does not mean the cuts go away or entitlement reform goes away but it puts revenue on the table consistent with the pledge many republicans have made not to raise tax rates. >>chris: every dollar points,
4:25 pm
congressman. my next guest is taking a new message to washington, nebraska's republican governor joins me and he began serving as chairman of the national governors' association this week. governor, i grew up in colorado so this pains me to say this to a go from lincoln, nebraska, because bowlder is so different, how did you balance the budget without raising taxes? >>guest: congratulations, go big red and i help you become a corn husker. here is what we have done in nebraska: lowered taxes, controlled our spending, and invested in our port priorities, education and jobs and the end result is 4.1 percent unemployment rate, the second lowest in america. we have to put america back to work and grow our economy so if america had 4 percent unemployment rate like our state think how much better off we would be.
4:26 pm
>>chris: you passed legislation with revenue increase laws. explain that. you are looking at taxes not going up but you still raised revenue. >>guest: well, you raise revenue by spurring economic growth and that is where taxes come in to place. and it is bad economic policy to raise taxes, particularly in the current environment we're in, so, i wrote share with everybody, control your spending, you have to invest in the continue priorities, putting your people back to work. we've reformed our economic incentive laws so that, again, we're trying to track more business to the state. we have diversified our economy. all those things work. >>chris: every state has a unique set of challenges and at the federal government level the challenges are heightened. can your plan and the way you did it in nebraska, work in other states, troubled states, like illinois (o) california or at the federal level? >>guest: i believe it can. it takes time.
4:27 pm
you take the federal level right new, you cannot balance the budget overnight but they need a constitutional amendment that requires that. 43 states have that requirement, and it helps governors. secondly, in washington, dc, let me just put it to you, if a program is scheduled to go up 8 percent and it only goes up 6 percent, they think that is a cut. in my cut that is 6 percent growth. slow the growth of federal spending. hold the line on taxes. reduce regulatory burden. provide certainty to business. and we can grow the federal economy and america's economy. >>chris: you have a meeting in salt lake city this week, will you form lit a -- formulate a plan to say this is what we are taking to washington and do it on a bipartisan level? >>guest: i hope we can. my initiative as chairman of the national governor's association will be to focus on state economies, how do we grow the economy at the state level? focus on state ideas that we can
4:28 pm
do. now, many of those are applicable to the federal government and i will continue to work on a bipartisan basis with all the governors and hopefully we can give helpful hints to the federal government. >>chris: we know plenty of states are in desperate shape, nebraska in the being one of them. tea party groups are on to mcconnell over his backup plan on the debt.
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>>chris: today, this g.m. senator officially on the record against this, and the senator is not backing mcconnell's last resort land that gives the president power to raise the debt ceiling and joining me now. what about the plan that does not it is well with you? >>guest: let me be clear. senator mcconnell is frustrated understandably by an administration that refuses to make real progress on a huge progress we have which is to bring our deficit under control without devastating our economy with huge tax increases. my view is i want to fight to the very end on this.
4:33 pm
if we raise this doubt limit or we allow the debt limit to be raised without getting the change in direction, without putting us on a fiscal path, we are risking grave danger to our economy and our future, so, my strategy is to fight for an approach that puts us on a path to a balanced budget. i don't think that is unreasonable. >>chris: the risk of august 2nd without a zeal in place, is less than the risk of going forward with a plan such that mcconnell put forth where you give more leeway to the budget? >>guest: i have said all along if we get to august 2nd without raisings the debt ceiling, that will be disruptive. that is a partial government shut down but we will not default. there is enough ongoing revenue to prevent that and if we just raised the debt limit without the structural reform and without the real spending cuts we are inviting a catastrophe down the road so we need to put
4:34 pm
the pressure we can on the administration and ask the president, what's wrong with moving toward the balanced budget? i do in the suggest this overnight and i am flexible how we get there but president obama acknowledged we ought to balance our budget and working with republicans in congress, they did. why can't we do that again. >>chris: is that part of the deal? fox is learning from a source that it could very well be but today carney dismissed the idea. >>guest: it really needs to be. what i have argued, again, we don't need a balanced budget overnight but we need to cut spending now and put ourselves on a path to balance. that would get overwhelming if not unanimous support among republicans to raise the debt ceiling which is what the president has insisted he needs is we with be willing to do that and i will not speak if all of my colleagues but a big majority, i think, would be willing to raise the debt limit if we were on a path to a sustainable balanced budget, i
4:35 pm
don't see why the president can't accept that. >>chris: senator john mccain backed the mcconnell plan to ensure we did not go into default or whatever the dire consequence could be on august 2nd. is this a slit if -- a split in the old guard g.o.p. to the more right-leaning tea party in the senate? >>guest: why think this is that much of a split the all of us believe we ought to have real cuts in spending, and a big tax increase should be off the table, it would be devastating to the table. and all 47 republican senators cosponsored a balanced budget amendment to the constitution, and on my budget, which i introduced and which the spending cap was based i had every republican vote for it on the senate floor. this is conditioned on a balanced budget amendment, and i
4:36 pm
think republicans are actually united about where we should be headed and we need to keep the pressure on to move the administration, because, clearly they are not with us. chris will we get an agreement by august 2nd? it receives each day both sides are more entrenched? >>guest: i don't the answer. hard to say. some of us are working hard. we have had a democratic president and a republican congress that agrees to balance the budget and i suggest this is a and time to get become on that path toward a balanced budget. >>chris: one more thing, experience i hear the scare game, the blame game, all of this, and the american people i hope you agree, want do see a deal done and they are tired of hearing whose fault it is, how many presidents we go back, and they want to see something done. >>guest: that is why i invoke
4:37 pm
the president and the congress that actually did get something done and i introduced a budget because someone should show a vision of where they want us to go. that is our responsibility. the senator from utah and i have a bill to raise this and do it in a responsible way that keeps our country strong. >>chris: thank you, senator. halt the assault. gingrich telling the president to end the labor board case against boeing immediately.
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4:41 pm
joining the cause. and he says he is weighing in support of the boeing team on this when he said this today in south carolina. and republican congressman joins us. congressman, you are having a problem getting documents from the nlrb in this case. what reason is the nlrb giving you for not handing over the documents you request? >>guest: they like to talk about delivery process and their ongoing investigation and a trial. but the truth; they have made a decision that is not based on any past precedent and that could very likely cost thousands of american jobs. and far beyond with boeing as you saw with g.e. it could destroy what is already a bad economy. job creation depends on the ability to put jobs where the customer wants it and this ruling, it absolutely could destroy jobs particularly those
4:42 pm
that are being considered to be investing in america from outside the united states. >>chris: and you are looking for documents from the nlrb acting general counsel to turn over documents in conversations whether phone or e-mail between the nlrb and the union that is acting on behalf of employees, correct? >>guest: correct. in this case he said before testimony in south carolina, this was a close call. he was tormented. and more importantly said he tried to settle it outside the process but he tried to force boeing into doing something that not to their best interest. the three boeing 787's that will be produced in south carolina, they are throw that will be sold overseas to companies who insisted on having guarantee delivery. these are sales that will not happen if the nlrb has its way. >>chris: are they hiding something? >>guest: clearly we have
4:43 pm
questions about a too cozy relationship in the case of boeing, too cozy relationship in the case of delta with the unions would want a different outcome that what is in their existing contract. understand, boeing has done nothing wrong whatever if the contract, nothing wrong businesses on past law. they decided to expand new jobs in a new location, a location that, by the way, was union, and voted out the union if their own best interest but frankly, this goes to the heart of whether or not contract law will be interfered with by this administration and the nlrb and we have a right and an obligation to know whether or not their activities were about pleasing the union rather than doing their doubt as regulators. >>chris: what type of authority does the nlrb have? in other words, what does congress did do reverse the decision or what can congress do do halt the proceedings? as we said coming to you, the
4:44 pm
calls calls are getting louder to put a stop to this. >>guest: ours is the right to shame, the ability to expose, this administration would veto figure congress would pass and it would be difficult to cut off funding to this agency without, perhaps, cutting off the good work they are doing, but it is very, very clear that they are exceeding their authority, and they areening very active beyond what they need to be and we are trying to question why. and on what basis they are doing it but more importantly we have been getting endless complaints about things that prevent jobs in this economy and these are, the delta situation is one, but certainly boeing is first among them, thousands of jobs that are being created that will not be created if government continues to stretch its authority to the detriment of job creation. >>chris: an entire segment without bringing up the debt ceiling. well i just screwed that up.
4:45 pm
and you need a couple of bucks to get through payday? check your mailbox because health and human services is mailing people money with no strings attached. .
4:46 pm
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4:48 pm
>> is the department of health and human services throwing away taxpayer money? they are sending out $2 to people to encourage them to take part in a survey about h.i.v. vaccine. don't want to take the survey? don't have to but keep the cash. how many of the envelopes are thrown away in the trash without ever being opened? my gift received the money in the mail. rory, does the post master general always warn against sending cash in the mail?
4:49 pm
>>guest: that emphasis right, go to the u.s. post office site, do not send cash in the mail especially do not send taxpayer cash in the mail. this cash will end up in a landfill across the united states rather than in the pockets of people who gave it to the government. >>chris: this is to encourage people to go online and take part in an h.i.v. survey, which is a worthy cause, but, the money, they targeted certain areas, didn't they? >>guest: that is right. of course this starts with good intention, they want to prevent hiv and aids and that is something we can get behind, but, what they are trying to do is get specific demographic, african-american and hispanic respondents and rather than use census data that provides who the people are they are sending it to zip codes they feel are predominantly african american
4:50 pm
and hispanic is people lake me get the cash, and they do not want to hear me from so if i had not opened up the envelope it would end up in the trash. >>chris: they say it was not their call and they said they deferred and said the decision was made by the white house office of management and budget. as to using the cash in this situation. >>guest: well, that is right. n.i.h. did not call for this, their contractor warned against it, and hhs secretary does not know that this exists. the office of management and budget which is not that surprising with how they manage the rest of their fiscal affairs, they said put cash in the mail. so during this time of growing deficit, and growing government, where they say you can not cut anything from the government, they are literally taking your taxpayer dollars and throwing it in the mail. >>chris: it is a perfect example of government race.
4:51 pm
the o.m.b. says the effect of the prepaid incentives with letters it certifies have not been widely evaluated so the decision was made without evaluating if they work and the contractor that put this thing together from maryland said they admitted they had not through the issue before spending $336,000 a year of our taxpayer money. >>guest: over $1 million spent over a few years on a survey and nobody looked into the issues. the research company did not look into it, and in fact, the government's paperwork says don't do this so they went against their own recommendation, and it is systematic in the government. the government is so big, there are so many programs, they did not talk to one another and you can have people literally pulls dollar bills in the mail to random citizens around the country and nobody has any oversite. congress does not have oversite, the government is out-of-control
4:52 pm
government. >>chris: and health and human services did not know this existed? >>guest: it starts to add up to real money. >>chris: it does, it does, in doubt. and ready for another bailout? from you. greece getting another downgrade from a major credit agency today. this after the i.m.f. giving $156 billion bailout and the country is looking for a secondhand out. america on the hook for $67 billion a year. and my guest says "not another dime," from washington state, has a bill to cut off funds to the i.m.f. and congresswoman, welcome. to me, it is a matter of all we see are riots, we did not see acceptance of austerity whether it is in greece, portugal, spain, and that is the biggest issue. if bailout money is going that way, you have to change the way you live and i don't see that
4:53 pm
happening. >>guest: so true. like the spoiled child that keeps going to the uncle and getting more money and the countries have been borrowing and spending beyond their means and the solution is not just to continue to dig when you have accumulated this amount of debt. and america, two years ago, the democratic congress and the administration authorized an additional line of credit to the i.m.f. so u.s. taxpayer dollars are continuing to be used to fund these bailouts and it is one after another. unfortunately. >>chris: this is sticky situation because silt a global economy and there our bangs may not have a great exposure they would be impacted if european banks suffered because of a default by greece or, worse, by spain or italy, and, also, the fact that the euro zone would have their own issues and that
4:54 pm
impacts us, so, these all have to be considered? >>guest: yes, and the european union needs to have an honest conversation about the situation. take greece, for example, and they have never in the last 10 years met the criteria to join the european union. the criteria is the debt to g.d.p. ratio is not more than 60 percent and deficit to g.d.p. ratio is in the more than 3 percent and they have not met the criteria to join the union so they need to take their steps in their own country before america who has the worst economy in 3 years, we are borrowing 40 cents on every dollar we spend right now, borrowing from china so we can bail out these countries and we have our own $14 trillion debt we are trying to deal with. all around the world countries have been living way beyond their means including america, and it has to come to an end. we cannot continue it. >>chris: and representative,
4:55 pm
what can be done, other than passing legislation to end funding is there anything we can do when we give them money? >>guest: we have done a couple of things. one, until the european union countries need to meet the criteria before american taxpayer dollars can fund that and introduced legislation to pull this line of credit. the administration could put an end to america's involvement until the european union countries step up and start meeting their own criteria. >>chris: congresswoman, thank you. gear -- jeter hit the ball but this guy may have hit the jackpot.
4:56 pm
. [ male announcer ] the network -- a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more amecans, many in small towns and rural communities,
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i want to update you on a story we told you about yesterday, the one about the die-hard yankee fan that gave up the big bucks and derek jeter's 3,000th hit ball to face a $14,000 tax bill.
4:59 pm
well, it turns out some good deeds do go unpunished. today, christian lopez is living the high life. that's because miller high life a a sporting good store called modell's offered to pick up the tax tab and cover the 23-year-old student loans. all in talking more than $100,000. where does he go to college, harvard? $100,000. congratulations. lopez got the good news this afternoon. we're told he was speechless and shaking. remember after returning the ball, the yanks thanked lopez with season luxury suite tickets and slew of memorabilia and tops, the trading card company as well will produce a trading card featuring christian lopez. he is living the dream. congratulations, christian. all right, that will do it here in one hour on fox business, by the way, they'll talk about the california surgeon making $800,000 for doing nothing. and i'm going to leave you with white house stills. photos taken from the debt meeting going on right now. all smiles! let's hope that is good news. let's puta

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